I’m pregnant… What now?

Usually the 1st time we find out that we are pregnant for sure, is through a pregnancy test and when we see those 2 pink lines.

Then, the thinking part of the brain kicks in.

How will life change?

How will my body change?

How will I even birth this baby?

Whether you have ‘planned’ for this baby or not, these questions are all perfectly normal as the reality sets in.

It can feel easy and sensible to turn to a low-cost book or online course to educate yourself, which is great- education is good! But this one-size-fits-all approach won’t be helpful for the majority of people. It’s not that pregnancy and birth is complicated, it’s more about the system we are birthing into, we need to know our options so that we can make informed decisions for our own individual circumstances, along with our care providers. In other words, it’s not an A to B journey.

The reality is, pregnancy and birth brings up lots of very individual questions and important scenarios to navigate, for example:

  • Birth place options- where is best for you to give birth?
  • Abdominal birth choice?
  • VBAC? (Vaginal birth after caesarean)
  • IVF pregnancy?
  • 40+ age?
  • Solo parenthood?
  • Multiple babies?
  • Pregnancy after a previous traumatic birth?
  • Pregnancy after PND?
  • Health conditions?

    The list could go on and on.

We are here for you every step of the way with our online Parent Hub subscription and award-winning antenatal hypnobirthing courses:




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