Antenatal Education

Mindful Birth courses prepare you with your birth options, what to expect from all types of birth scenarios, and information on baby care for when your baby is born.

Mindful Birth courses packages include antenatal, hypnobirthing and postnatal education.

Here’s what’s included for antenatal education:

Vaginal birth preference preparation:

  • What can happen before, during and after labour and what your care options are
  • What to pack in your birth bag
  • Birth place options
  • Comfort measures and pain relief options
  • Writing your birth preferences and choices and communicating them with your care providers

Abdominal birth preference preparation:

  • Preparing for an abdominal birth with your care team
  • What to pack in your birth bag
  • The day you meet your baby, what to expect and how you can adapt certain elements to feel more connected to the birth
  • Writing your birth preferences and choices and communicating them with your care providers

Ask the midwife chat group with registered midwives for any questions you may have along the way

Pregnancy-related information hub 

  • Breech birth information
  • Placenta information
  • Abdominal birth support
  • Pain relief options
  • Perineal massage
  • Information on delayed cord clamping
  • Birth place options
  • Information for VBAC
  • Information on vitamin K
  • Aromatherapy
  • Group b strep
  • Inducing labour information
  • Doulas and what they do / offer
  • Information on water births
  • Gestational diabetes

Baby feeding with Katherine stag including breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Newborn baby sleep with Lucy Smith from Days and Dreams

Bringing baby home

  • List for what you may want/need at home
  • Bathing your baby support video
  • What to dress your baby in for different temperatures
  • Safe sleeping guidelines
  • Caring for the umbilical cord
  • How to change your babies nappy support video
  • Information on what you need to transport your baby from hospital to home
  • What to pack in your baby caddy at home
  • Baby poo guide

Bonding with baby

  • Skin to skin
  • Slings and baby wearing
  • Prioritising you time

Introducing siblings

Introducing pets 

Parent mental health links and guidance 

Baby first aid 

  • Baby CPR
  • Baby recovery
  • Baby choking
  • Burns
  • Child cpr
  • Nose bleeds
  • Choking child and adult
  • Adult recovery position
  • Bandaging

Weaning (coming soon)

Choosing childcare 

Head to our hypnobirthing and postnatal education pages for in-depth information about those areas, or what’s included for an overall summary.