Surrogacy Teams

Bespoke education and support for the whole surrogacy team.

Mindful Natal® for Surrogacy teams is a support package tailored to this unique and incredible path to parenthood.

From the 12 week scan to the first year post-birth, we’re here for you every step of the way.

We offer two support options via Zoom sessions and the online platform:


Mindful Natal® Sessions

These sessions are tailored to your unique needs. Our teaching team are confident in supporting all kinds of surrogacy journeys- whether you have endured a long and painful fertility road up until this point or you are embarking on your surrogacy journey with a view that it is your first and preferred option to creating/growing your family. Whether the surrogate is a first time surrogate or experienced in surrogacy, your teacher will support all of you with exactly what you need.

Their purpose is to guide you on your journey to meeting long awaited and much loved baby/babies as an informed and knowledgeable team, together.


Mindful Natal® for surrogacy teams includes:

One x 20 minute introduction call to get to know each other and start to understand what your needs are for the support. Then either:

  • Four hours tailored to intended parents
  • Six hours tailored to intended parents and surrogates (taken all together or separately)

We can cover:

  • Preparing for the birth – Surrogacy in the NHS system or under private care
  • Creating your birth plan and preferences
  • What happens on the day of the birth (all scenarios)
  • Postnatal recovery for the surrogate
  • Bringing baby home for the intended parents
  • Emotional and practical support around all of the above topics



The Surrogacy Hub

Access to the online surrogacy hub is also included:

For surrogates:

  • Ask a midwife chat
  • Pregnancy yoga, pilates and aerobics (live, daily)
  • Relaxation sessions (live, monthly)
  • Expert lives (monthly)
  • Birth preference template (tailored to surrogacy journeys)
  • Relaxation audios & affirmations (for surrogates and intended parents)
  • Community

For intended parents:

  • Ask a midwife chat
  • Comprehensive e-learning zone covering all aspects of newborn baby care
  • Parent & Baby yoga (recorded videos)
  • Community

Access to the surrogacy hub is included up to baby’s first birthday.



My Surrogacy Journey

Are you members of My Surrogacy Journey?

As trusted partners of My Surrogacy Journey, this fully tailored 1:1 support is included in your membership for no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to do another antenatal class like NCT if we do this?

No, you do not need to take multiple classes. We will tailor the support to you and your needs. If keen to make local friends, we can help you to find welcoming and inclusive places through our network of experts across the UK.

How much is the course if we are not with My Surrogacy Journey?

This is dependant on which option you choose and the teacher. Please complete an enquiry form on the teacher’s profile page or send us an email to to enquire.

When should we start the course?

We recommend starting your sessions after the 20 week scan, but you should book them anytime from 12 weeks of the pregnancy so that they are set in your diaries. As soon as you book your session dates you will gain access to the online Surrogacy Hub for the whole team to benefit from ongoing support.