You will never forget your birth and postnatal experience

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Welcome to The Mindful Birth Group®.

Ask anyone who has been through it- you will never forget your birth and postnatal experiences. We are here for you every step of the way to turn an overwhelming time that is full of unknowns into an empowering experience, however you birth your baby.

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Course Provider Comparison:

This comparison table shows details of the birth preparation course, pregnancy support, postnatal support and baby care education that each course provider offers in order to help you to understand what’s available from each, and to find the best course for your needs:


The Course:

Other main UK antenatal course providers
Birth preparation course
Planned caesarean birth course option
Dedicated postnatal recovery course
1 out of 2**Offer the basics
Hard copy workbook
1 out of 2
Affirmation card pack
1:1 WhatsApp Support
Group size
In-person option
Zoom option
Private option
Payment plans available
1 of 2
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Certified Teacher Training:

Other main UK antenatal course providers
Cultural Awareness
Pregnancy after baby loss
Birth Rights
Trans parents
Surrogacy teams
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Pregnancy Support

Other main UK antenatal course providers
Live pregnancy yoga
Live relaxation sessions
Ask the midwife chat group
On demand videos / comprehensive online resource library for pregnancy related information
Online moderated community
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Postnatal Support

Other main UK antenatal course providers
Live postnatal doula support
Parent & baby yoga
On demand videos / comprehensive online resource library for pregnancy related information
Online moderated community
Postnatal planner
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Baby care education

Other main UK antenatal course providers
Baby feeding by IBCLC
Baby sleep by IACSC
Baby first aid
1 out of 2
Slings & carriers
Parent mental health
Introducing to siblings
Introducing to pets
Choosing childcare
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Other main UK antenatal course providers
Based on group courses in city areas:
£260-£480 depending on number of families/venue quality
£330 Zoom option. £384 in-person option.  Includes the full course support package.
Payment plans available
1 out of 2 do

Parents rate us…

How does the course help me?

Physically prepare you for (all types of) birth and postnatal recovery

Mentally prepare you for (all types of) birth and postnatal recovery

Meet others on a similar path, if taking a group course

We are very proud to say that our course really is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all of your preparation and support needs. So many of our past clients have said they wished they had just signed up to a Mindful Birth course, as they learned everything and more with us vs. taking multiple courses. We include the evidence-based education and invaluable relaxation techniques, which can be applied to all birth scenarios. That really is the beauty of mindfulness. If you take a group course, you will also meet others due at a similar time to you, and don’t forget our online, moderated community too!

Where are they available?

The live part of the course is available in-person across the UK and on Zoom worldwide.

The other incredible benefits (included when you book a course) are accessible online, from the comfort of your own home.

How much does the course cost?

Course prices start at £330, vary across in-person or Zoom options, and can be paid for in interest-free instalments.

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What makes us different?

The Mindful Birth Group® course has been created by our founder Emiliana who experienced outdated birth preparation courses for herself as she prepared for her own home births and a planned abdominal birth as a surrogate.

Emiliana is also a birth and postnatal doula, and has supported families with birth preparation and at induced, birth centre, labour ward, abdominal and home births. You name it, Emiliana has been by the sides of parents navigating their fears, hopes and preferences within the current NHS and private healthcare systems.

Because of this extensive experience and spending time with families ‘in real-birth-time’, Emiliana has seen first-hand that there is a great need for an all-births inclusive course that educates, supports and empowers people with their options and supports them in their choices.

The teacher training course includes in-depth sessions with external partners such as TransParent, Teddy’s Wish the Baby Loss Charity, Black Mothers Matter, Birth Rights and more.

Having been a surrogate too, Emiliana is well aware that different paths-to-parenthood are simply not catered for in the antenatal education/support world. So this is another area that makes us unique in what we do, and how we do it.

You can read more about Emiliana and her experience, here. 

Emiliana continues to provide support as a doula and teaches Mindful birth courses alongside an incredibly passionate team of teachers across the UK. They are what make the Mindful Birth approach travel as far as it does, and we appreciate every single one of them for all of their hard work and dedication.

Find out more about our approach and all of the elements that makes our course so unique here.

We’ve also supported these lovely families!

Img of Millie Mackintosh
Millie Mackintosh

I listened to a track by The Mindful Birth Group every night to mentally prepare myself for what was to come, and I listened to the same track before going into the theatre which immediately got me in a good headspace.

Img of Kate Lawler
Kate Lawler

Thank you to The Mindful Birth Group for giving me the confidence to smile and enjoy the birth of my baby.

Img of Ashley James
Ashley James

We both found the course so useful and empowering. I feel really prepared & know I'll stay in my zone no matter what comes up.

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