Birth Preparation & Hypnobirthing

Our unique Mindful Natal®  ‘all-births’ approach means that we cover birth preparation and hypnobirthing tools and techniques for all birth scenarios and we support your practice by offering live support throughout your pregnancy.


What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing has been practiced since the 1920’s and traditionally focuses on using tools and techniques such as focused breathing, visualisation and positive reinforcement to support the physiology of labour and birth.

We take a modern approach by supporting parents to apply those techniques to all birth scenarios (including caesarean birth) and support their mind and body however birth happens.

Our 3 areas of focus in the course are your mind and body, but also your options. We educate you on what they are within the health care system so you can make informed decisions in the lead up to your birth and on the day.

Only then do we believe you can fully implement your hypnobirthing relaxation tools as you also feel emotionally and practically prepared too.


Birth Preparation on the PregnaHub®


Pregnancy Yoga

Live, weekly and streamed online via the PregnaHub® or desktop, the sessions are also recorded so you can catch up later in the week. This a perfect opportunity to stretch release and prepare your mind and body for birth and postnatal recovery.


Relaxation Sessions 

Live, monthly and streamed online via the PregnaHub® or desktop, the sessions are also recorded so you can catch up if you are unable to make the live session. Each month focus’ on a different topic, all applicable to all types of birth preference and supporting you in your hypnobirthing / mindfulness practice. Hosted in the evening, you can drift off into a deep sleep straight after the session.


Ask the Midwife Chat

Hosted by 2 qualified midwives, use this chat to ask questions that are best answered by qualified midwives.


Learning Zone

From what to pack in your birth bag to pain relief options and comfort measures, doulas and twin pregnancies, the pregnancy learning zone has everything you need to prevent going down the Google rabbit hole. We keep all links, guidelines, podcasts and other resources up-to-date on a regular basis.



Mindful Natal® Course Content

Take a course in a group or privately

We cover all aspects of hypnobirthing and ensure you are confident with:

  • The science behind hypnobirthing and the mind-body connection (for all births)
  • Breathing techniques (not just for the birth but for pregnancy anxiety too)
  • Using visualisation for pregnancy and birth
  • Positive affirmations (you will receive a pack of these as well as have access to the audio too)
  • Relaxation audios to listen to at home, including fear release, bonding with baby, general relaxation and more
  • Setting up your birth environment in an oxytocin-friendly way, personalised to you and your needs
  • How to implement these tools in all birth settings and scenarios, especially if things are taking unexpected turns
  • Writing your birth preferences and communicating them with your care providers
  • How your birth partner can support you, every step of the way

If your preference is a vaginal birth:

  • Birth place options – it’s important to know about all in case plans need to change
  • What can happen before, during and after labour and what your care options are
  • What to pack in your birth bag
  • Comfort measures and pain relief options
  • Navigating unexpected turns
  • Writing down your birth preferences and communicating them with your midwife / consultant

If you are planning for a caesarean birth:

  • Preparing your mind and body for a caesarean birth
  • What to pack in your birth bag for you and baby
  • The day you meet your baby: What to expect from the night before all the way through to leaving hospital
  • How you can adapt certain elements to feel more connected to the birth
  • Writing your birth preferences and communicating them with your midwife / consultant
  • Recovering from a caesarean birth

Live, ongoing support

The support doesn’t stop when the course is finished. You receive ongoing support throughout your whole pregnancy to really embed your hypnobirthing practice:

  • Ongoing support from your teacher via WhatsApp for any questions or emotional support that you may need along the way

Your practice is supported via the PregnaHub® benefits:

  • Live monthly relaxation sessions (On Zoom and also recorded)
  • Live yoga, pilates & aerobics sessions (on Zoom) which focus on the mind-body connection and preparing for birth and recovery
  • On-demand information/support via the hub on all of the areas outlined above


It is really important to note that all of the above are applicable to ALL birth scenarios. Yes, we encourage you to focus on your preference and visualise this as part of your hypnobirthing practice, however we also strongly encourage and guide you to consider and prepare for all birth scenarios.

Finally, The Mindful Birth Group® really prides itself on supporting every parent individually and not in a blanket one-size-fits-all way. All of our teachers are trained in birth rights , trauma-informed care, culture and diversity, LGBTQ+, pregnancy after loss and many other areas , and we weave the advocacy side of birth preparation into the course in a sensitive but focused way.  This carries through to the Parent Hub, where you can find a wealth of evidence-based information on demand.


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