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Prepare for your birth with this award-winning course & ongoing support.

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What you will learn

Mindful Natal® hypnobirthing courses prepare you for all birth scenarios:

  • Learn about all of your options so you can make informed decisions. Choose your preferences and how to navigate unexpected turns on the day
  • Learn how to support your mind during pregnancy, birth & postnatal recovery with Mindful Natal® tools and techniques
  • Learn how to prepare your body for birth & postnatal recovery with access to live gentle, workout classes, nutrition information and ongoing expert support.

What’s included

As well as the course, you will receive:

  • Access to the PregnaHub® for up to one year post-birth
  • Mindful Natal® printed course guide, tailored to your birth preference
  • Mindful Natal® affirmation cards, tailored to your birth preference
  • Relaxation hypnobirthing audio album
  • 1:1 support from your teacher via WhatsApp right up until your baby is born

Course Locations

The group and private courses are hosted across the following locations:

Why parents choose us

Our courses are friendly, relaxed and led by certified experts.

We actively welcome all paths-to-parenthood and backgrounds and support people’s informed choices.

Here’s what parents say:

Questions? No problem!

We’ve collated a list of the most popular questions we are asked about our Mindful Natal® Hypnobirthing classes.

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Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, we have partnered with Klarna for a ‘buy now, pay later’ option or Clear Pay for a ‘pay in 4 instalments’ option. You then have the flexibility to pay the instalments off earlier, if you would like to.

You can also pay in one payment too.

I'm thinking about taking a hypnobirthing course and booking NCT, do I need to do both?

We are very proud to say that our course covers all of your preparation and ongoing support needs. So many of our past clients have said they wished they had just signed up to a Mindful Natal® course, as they learned everything and more with us vs. taking multiple courses.

We include the evidence-based education and invaluable relaxation techniques, which can be applied to all birth scenarios. That really is the beauty of mindfulness. If you take a group course, you will also meet others due at a similar time to you, and don’t forget our online, location-based community on the PregnaHub® too!

I'm 30+ weeks already, is there any point in joining?

Yes, absolutely! You would still have a number of weekly pregnancy yoga, pilates & aerobics sessions to make the most of, which are so great for those final weeks to stretch and release tension in the body. You would also have access to the monthly relaxation session too… again so beneficial for those final weeks!

Don’t forget that the online communities are tailored to different paths to parenthood and pregnancy situations too- so having access to those to meet people and ask questions will be invaluable at any stage of your pregnancy too.

For after the birth, there are many benefits! Including:

  • Educational baby care videos including breast and bottle feeding, baby sleep, baby carriers, day to day baby care (think nappies, dressing them and practical things to consider!), choosing childcare and finally, weaning.
  • 1 hour postnatal doula session on Zoom, taken in the early stages of the 4th trimester
  • Parent & Baby yoga sessions
  • Moderated & safe online community. Chat about general pregnancy, birth or postnatal related topics or join spaces that connect you with parents on a similar path to you.

So yes, even if you are squeezing your course in at 34 weeks…. you will still have SO much to gain from joining The Mindful Birth Group®.

What if I need to change course dates? It's a long way away!

It’s absolutely fine to change course dates or venue (if you are moving house, for example). We just ask for as much notice as possible.

If your 1st choice of course format is not available in your new location / new date preference, we will always offer you a suitable Zoom course option.

Please refer to our cancellation policy here.

What topics are covered in the baby-care learning videos?

We’ve included the topics that we know parents find really helpful to have a heads up on ahead of the birth, and then return back to once baby is born too:

  • Baby feeding, with Kathryn Stagg IBCLC
  • Baby Sleep, with Lucy Smith from Days and Dreams Sleep Consultancy
  • Baby wearing and slings with Wrap a Hug
  • Baby First Aid with Daisy First Aid
  • Baby changing and practical things to think about for bringing baby home, with Mindful Natal® doulas
  • Baby Massage with Kathryn Whitby from Baby Steps
  • LGBTQ+ pregnancy & postnatal support
  • Introducing siblings
  • Introducing your baby to pets with Dogs Trust
  • Choosing childcare
  • Weaning

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