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Continue your professional development with The Mindful Birth Group® whilst gaining CPD points. We support you to support parents in a way that they will remember for life, and not just the birth.

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Our Midwife Training Vision

Every parent is an individual and birth can feel very daunting to many. The Mindful Birth Group® short course for midwives and student midwives has been designed to support you to learn about the importance of individualised care and incorporate Mindful Birth tools and techniques into your day-to-day care.

We provide antenatal courses to parents and so the midwife-focused course aims to align both parent and care-giver approaches to birth.

These simple but effective tools can make an incredible difference to a parents’ birthing experience, which in turn, could impact their postnatal recovery and the rest of their lives.

Training Course


The Course

  • Free-of-charge for NHS midwives and student midwives
  • Total time to complete online course: Approximately 4-5 hours.
  • CPD hours awarded

The course content

  • Individualising support: Different backgrounds, preferences and paths to parenthood. Includes relevant book recommendations to keep you up-to-date with what you need to know
  • Understanding the mind-body connection
  • Relaxation tools for parents
  • Supporting the stages of labour and caesarean birth through the 5 senses
  • Informed decision making
  • Birth preferences and choices


To ensure you have understood everything you need to begin implementing the tools and techniques you will learn, we include a short question-based assessment which is not a pass/fail, but a basis for discussion if further support is required.

Once the assessment has been completed and reviewed, a certificate will be issued.

Here’s what midwives and student midwives have learned:


“I love the way it spoke in depth about mind and body, how they connect, the 5 gateways to our brains, sense, smell, sight etc. How the environment can make such a difference to an experience, how this can improve oxytocin levels, making their birth experience much better. I follow the midwives podcast already, but there was some really interesting links to books, podcasts, and further training sessions such as Teddy's Wish and Bereavement Training International which I will most definitely be looking into. A lovely course, with lots of information, a great course to anyone doing midwifery.”

Student Midwife

“Breathing techniques, explaining this to both parents and in a particular way for them to take in effectively and understand. Explaining about the hormones and how parents can relate to these and how to encourage the onset of production. Understanding the physiology of the brain and the body in relation to labour and birth and how to share this with the parents.”

Student Midwife

“I undertook the training to learn something new as student midwife. To me it is a personal achievement as the course gave a very deep understanding of the techniques that help women and birthing people go through the birthing process with relaxed mindset and the physical effects on their body and health as this helps them to take charge and be in total control of their birth while believing in their ability to give birth.”


“The importance of client centred care as everyone is unique and present with unique needs. A positive birth experience/ perception has an influence on future experiences hence it is essential to plan care. People are more open with care if the are well informed, treated with respect and dignity.”


“I enjoyed considering lots of different options for language and how the words we choose can feed into the reward/fear circuits. As a Student Midwife, I'm trying to learn the 'right words' but the trauma informed yoga teacher in me is very sensitive to language. This was a great way to see some examples I could use. I liked considering the multisensory nature of how we can improve and adapt environments to create optimum birth settings. I liked the birthplan template. A good way to reinforce that the choices of parents are valid and they shouldn't be afraid to display their wishes.”

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