The Clocks are Going Forward: Free guide on how to support your little one’s sleep

The clocks are going forward in the UK on Sunday 27th March, which is a sign that spring is finally coming!

Emiliana Hall

But the time change can be unsettling for some young families. Sleep consultant Lucy from Days & Dreams (who also provides our Mindful Birth course parents with ‘Newborn sleep video guides’) has written a printable guide to prepare your family for the time change- and as always, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. See what she has to say and go with the approach that suits your family best.


Print or save to your camera roll and share it with others in your home, especially if you decide to follow the gradual approach as you’ll be able to refer to it each day leading up to Sunday.

We really hope it helps!

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The most important thing is we are using evidence based information to make our decisions, and feel supported in what we feel is best for us and baby.

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