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Imagine running a business that genuinely makes a difference to people’s lives. Our teacher training and membership program equips you to do just that.

Courses that make a difference

Earn a regular, flexible income and teach expectant parents unbiased, evidence-based antenatal and hypnobirthing education. Bring expectant parents together in your local community and teach group courses or provide a bespoke, 1:1 experience as a standalone private course offering or as part of a doula or private midwife package.

Be supported every step of the way with your business set up, development and marketing with our industry-leading bespoke booking systems, course materials and 1:1 and peer coaching.

Our community of teachers is growing, if you think this training and teacher program would be right for you, we’d love to speak to you!

Find out what life is really like as a Mindful Natal® member teacher…

Join the upcoming ‘Building Your Local Business as a Mindful Natal® Teacher’ information sessions to hear what is involved, how we support you and how it looks to support families in this way.


Wednesday 13th March


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Industry-leading training standards

The teacher training courses are accredited by the Federation of Antenatal Educators and CPD. We provide the highest standard of course content which is continually reviewed to ensure it is up-to-date with the latest guidance and evidence available.

The membership means you are provided with course materials, booking systems and ready-made process’ so you can get on with what you love to do- teach! Being supported by fellow teachers and our dedicated coaching service means that you never feel alone through the highs and challenges of self-employment and business ownership.

Our most recent teacher meet up with 2/3 of the teaching team!

Teaching parents in the unique Mindful Birth way

Your Mindful Natal® antenatal hypnobirthing course will focus on educating parents on the birthing process and their options so they can navigate all birth types and feel empowered to make the right choices for their individual circumstances.

You then provide science-based knowledge on hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques so they can support their own mind and body throughout the process, however they meet their baby.


This is what we call the

Mindful Birth Group® power of 3:

Accredited and award-winning

The antenatal hypnobirthing courses are award-winning and have been featured on many media channels.

We work with a number of accredited external training providers to ensure our courses are fully inclusive and safe for everyone.

Training Fee

£1950 New trainees

£950 Conversion fee

payable in instalments

Self-paced learning (80%) with weekly live Zoom sessions (20%)

45 hours over a 6 week period to give you flexibility but the benefit of 1:1 support along the way too.

The course content


  • What your clients can expect at the later stages of pregnancy, during the birth and after the birth
  • Vaginal birth, caesarean birth, assisted birth and induced birth are all included
  • How to navigate the care system and any unexpected turns
  • Informed decision making using evidence-based information
  • Writing birth preferences and choices


  • The mind-body connection and how it can be supported during this important life stage and beyond
  • Making the topic feel relatable to all kinds of people and backgrounds
  • Science-based tools and techniques which are applicable to all births
  • Sharing the tools with your clients in the most appropriate way for their circumstances

Individualising the course content

  • Who are we teaching? Different backgrounds, preferences and paths to parenthood
  • External training with our partners included:
    • Birth Rights
    • Baby Loss with Teddy’s Wish  / Bereavement Training International,
    • Culture and Diversity with Black Mothers Matter + other training providers
    • LGBTQ+ with Transparent

Training resource books included:

  • Why Oxytocin Matters
  • Why Home Birth Matters
  • Why Caesarean Matters
  • The Good Ally by Nova Reid
  • Supporting Queer Birth by AJ Silver
  • In your Own Time by Dr Sarah Wickham
  • What’s Right for Me by Dr Sarah Wickham
  • Big Fat Negative by Emma Haslett and Gabriela Griffith.

Business set up

  • Comprehensive guidance on setting up your business as a sole trader or limited company
  • Launching your course into your local area
  • Adapting your current business to include your Mindful Natal® course offering if you already offer support in this area (doula, midwife, yoga teacher etc,)

Marketing your business

  • Comprehensive guidance via an online workshop around marketing your local business

Course logistics

  • Teaching the variance of courses (All birth types, Planned caesarean birth, online, in person, group and private courses)
  • Giving your clients access to the online PregnaHub® which is included with your Mindful Natal® course


A question-based assessment and a short review on each book. This assessment is FEDANT approved and allows you to apply for FEDANT certification and practitioner insurance.

Membership & License Fee

£100 per month

Business & Marketing Support

Once you have completed your training and assessment, you will automatically join the 360 support business membership program. This includes:


Location exclusivity

  • Exclusive territory ownership: Set postcodes where only you can run group classes and market your business, See vacant areas here.

Use of trademarked marketing and business assets

  • Permission to use the Mindful Birth brand and materials for teaching and advertising your courses
  • Access to the online PregnaHub® for your clients for comprehensive ongoing support which includes live pregnancy yoga, pilates and aerobics sessions, an ‘Ask the Midwife’ chat group, relaxation sessions and so much more. Find out about it here.

Marketing & business support

  • Dedicated profile and booking page on the highly ranked TMBG website
  • Paid advertising PPC Google ads and FB/Insta ads, which link to the booking pages on the TMBG website
  • Instagram posts & reposts of your Mindful Natal® course / educational content
  • Access to the ongoing training
  • Option to join FEDANT registration and benefit from lower insurance costs

Social Support

  • Zoom meet ups with the group to brainstorm, discuss, socialise!
  • Access to the Teacher Hub where we host the online teacher community
  • Annual in person meet up

Earnings potential:

A teacher who is fully dedicated to marketing and driving their local business in the ways we recommend can expect to earn between £12,000-£30,000 per year (after costs).

£12,000 OTE: Teaching one group course per month. Approximately 10 hours per week for teaching and business development time.

£30,000 OTE: Teaching two group courses and two private courses per month. Approximately 25 hours per week for teaching and business development time.

We are here to support your business from a brand and logistics perspective, but it is equally important that teachers put in the time and energy to marketing their business’ locally particularly through face-to-face networking and outreach to build a local presence. It is also key that courses are listed consistently at regular intervals to build and maintain the awareness of course availability.

Ready to apply?

Steps to joining The Mindful Birth Group®:

Step 1: Register your interest here to download the PDF information pack and read all of the information and/or attend the next information


Step 2: Book your virtual 1:1 with the training & membership coordinator team.

Step 3: Register and pay for the training course (payment plans available).

Step 4: Training period starts- a mix of self learning & weekly virtual ‘huddles’.

Step 5: Teacher qualifies via assessment, CPD hours can be recorded & FEDANT accreditation can be registered.

Step 6: Join the membership the month after the training is completed, first annual license fee is now due.


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