Our Story

Our Background

Mindful Birth courses were originally created by our founder Emiliana, who experienced outdated birth preparation courses for herself as she prepared for her own vaginal births and a planned caesarean birth as a surrogate for her best friend.

Emiliana is an accredited birth and postnatal doula and has supported families with birth preparation and at  birth centre, labour ward, caesarean and home births. She has been by the sides of parents navigating their fears, hopes and preferences within the current NHS and private healthcare systems and this is reflected in the impartial Mindful Birth approach.

Because of this extensive experience and spending time with families ‘in real-birth-time’, Emiliana saw first-hand that there was a great need for an ‘all-births’ inclusive course and ongoing support that educates and empowers parents with their options and supports them in their choices.

Having been a surrogate too, she was very aware that different paths-to-parenthood are simply not included in the way they deserve to be.

You can read more about Emiliana and her experience, here. 

The organisation is now made up of a team of incredibly passionate teachers who all believe in impartial, inclusive education and support for expectant families. They are what make The Mindful Birth Group® the incredible team that it is,  and we appreciate every single one of them for all of their care and dedication to the cause.

Our approach

Qualified teachers across the UK are supporting expectant parents with the 1st fully inclusive and impartial hypnobirthing courses and online platform:

For all births: Our courses & resources are for all births, from home birth to planned caesarean birth and everything in between. We prepare you for your preferred option and for navigating unexpected turns on the day.

For all paths to parenthood: This means every that single course will be different from the last, because it is tailored to the parent’s needs. Our teachers are trained and supplied with inclusive and unbiased resources which give them a wide breadth of knowledge and confidence to support everyone.

Continued support: Teachers are on hand to answer questions throughout your pregnancy via WhatsApp and our community is there through the Parent Hub. You also get access to weekly yoga, monthly relaxation sessions and an Ask the Midwife 1:1 chat. A Mindful Birth hypnobirthing course is one very important part of what you sign up to with us, but it is just one of the many ways that we will support you.

Our Partners

We work with external organisations to make sure that our content and support for both parents and member teachers is the most inclusive, relevant and up-to-date it can be.

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Press & Media

We are proud to have appeared in the media, spreading the Mindful Birth word to help expectant parents know that they can receive personalised unbiased support- and more importantly, that they deserve it.

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Meet the Team

Here are the amazing people that make the Mindful Birth magic happen!

Emiliana Hall of The Mindful Birth Group

Emiliana, She/Her

Company Founder & CEO

“Preparing mentally and physically for birth and postnatal recovery should not be considered as optional or an added extra. Growing, birthing and caring for a new baby is going to be one of the most life-changing things you will ever do and so it’s important that you go into the experience on the front foot. You deserve that support.”

Contact Emiliana here: emiliana@themindfulbirthgroup.com   or read more about her here.

Laura, She/Her

Teacher Coordinator

“I support all of our member teachers (who teach the Mindful Birth courses across the UK and on Zoom) to ensure they have everything they need to run their courses smoothly and feel as though they are part of a community. As well as the FEDANT accredited Mindful Birth course, each teacher receives external training in Birth Rights, Culture and Diversity Awareness, LGBTQ+ support, Surrogacy and Baby Loss Awareness. We are proud of how our team approaches every family as individuals and provides personalised support to them.”

Contact Laura here: teach@themindfulbirthgroup.com

Natalie, She/Her

Parent Experience Coordinator

“The way each and every parent experiences our support is incredibly important to us. My role is dedicated to making sure the content on the online Parent Hub is the most useful and up-to-date, particularly as new studies are released or parents are looking for more information on a certain topic. We work with credible organisations to ensure that the information we share is safe and impartial, and empowers parents to decide what’s best for them.”

Contact Natalie here: hello@themindfulbirthgroup.com

Our Teaching Team

Teaching the courses around the UK and on Zoom

Our member teachers are what makes  the Mindful Birth movement happen. If you are looking for a specific teacher, just head to the private course booking page here.

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