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Franklin’s Home Birth During COVID-19

Jade & Ian took their Mindful Birth Group course in the midst of Covid-19. Here's their story.

Franklin’s Home Water Birth During COVID-19

Jade & Ian took the Mindful Birth group course in the midst of Covid-19. Here’s their story:

Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing about Franklin’s birth. I had such a positive, calm and empowering experience that I will never forget.

Reading and researching about home birth, gave me the confidence that it was safe, and the right option for me. I felt this was especially true giving birth during lockdown, as it meant I could have my birth partner with me throughout. I decided to trust my body, stay relaxed and allow my body to do what it needed to do to birth my baby.

I spent time preparing for my birth by practising hypnobirthing techniques I learnt with Emiliana. I was as ready for Franklin to arrive as I could be. I had his nursery ready, the birth pool had arrived and I’d even luckily washed my hair and shaved my legs that morning!

When my waters released at 8.30pm Saturday night, I was relaxed and calm. I called the midwife to let them know, and they told me to go to bed and sleep, and call back in the morning as nothing else was happening yet. Thing is, about an hour or two later, I started to get regular, strong surges. I then put the tens machine on and made my room nice and cosy with fairy lights & lavender spray. I listened to positive birth affirmations and relaxation audios to help me stay calm and focused.

After calling the midwives back, I was told there was no one available to come to me at home, so I should go into hospital. However, after a little persistence, and lot of patience, a midwife arrived at 1am.

My surges started to intensify, however, as soon as I got in the warm pool, I felt instant relief. I hadn’t planned to, however, I decided to put on an eye mask so that I could block everything out and focus on myself and my breathing. In hindsight, this was a great option, nothing that I could ‘see’, could help me birth my baby. I needed to focus on my breathing and listening to my body, and cutting out visuals helped me do this.

Since I had asked for minimal monitoring and to keep chat & noise to a minimum, I had no idea how I was progressing at any stage, until I could feel the baby coming! I had also asked to manage this stage myself so I wasn’t told when to push. I tuned into my body, trusted it and just went with what felt right.

At 4.24am, Franklin was born and I was completely overwhelmed that I had done it! I had my perfect home birth experience that I had been visualising, without any intervention or drugs. I even forgot to ask for gas and air because I was so focused and in the zone!

My lovely midwife then helped me to shower and get into bed, which felt amazing! I had tea and chocolate fingers, and lots of cuddles with my new little baby boy Franklin!

Thank you so much Jade for sharing your story!


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