Emiliana Hall

Emiliana is a Mindful Birth teacher, doula and founder of The Mindful Birth Group. She lives in Tring in Hertfordshire with her husband and two young children.

I created The Mindful Birth Group® because of my love for supporting new parents & families whether that be through teaching courses, doula support or supporting teachers to teach Mindful Birth courses.

Going right back to the beginning- It all started with my own birth prep for my daughter Mollie’s birth. I knew after my 1st birth that I wanted to train to support families, and so as soon as Theo was born I left my corporate marketing career behind and did just that.

Before my own births and the preparation I carried out, I was terrified of birth and I had seen such a dramatic change in myself simply through education and preparation. Any fear I had held onto from years of negative conditioning, disappeared and I birthed both of my babies at home.

After Theo was born, I offered to be a surrogate for one of my best friends, as while I was having my 2 babies, she and her husband were struggling with fertility issues. It became clear she wouldn’t be able to carry her baby, so I offered to do it for her. Leo is Soph & Jack’s genetic baby, I was just the oven! Baby Leo was born in March 2020 during lockdown- it was quite the finale!

When we were deciding the best way to meet Leo, we all decided a planned caesarean abdominal birth would be how we would all feel calmest. With the pandemic layered on top, we all needed the planned element to make this a positive experience.

I used my Mindful Birth tools and techniques throughout Leo’s birth too, and it was equally incredible.  You can read all about the surrogacy story here.

After my own experiences and years of teaching courses to first time parents, solo mums, surrogate families, traumatised families from previous births, I could clearly see there was a desperate need for inclusive birth education, that prepared parents from all backgrounds and experiences, for all eventualities.

So, I wrote each Mindful Birth course to be inclusive of every birth preference and every path to parenthood.

This is what makes Mindful Birth courses so different.

If you would like to read my full birth stories, click here: Mollie’s home birth, Theo’s home birth, Leo’s surrogacy planned abdominal birth.


Doula Support

I am also a Birth Bliss Academy trained birth and postnatal doula so I can continue supporting new parents after educating them antenatally. It feels like a natural extension to my Mindful Birth classes as parents leave the sessions feeling empowered and knowledgable, but also have the option to have me there on the day and postnatally as emotional support. After all, birth isn’t just physical, it’s also very emotional and it’s important to have your strong support team in place.

Being a doula also hugely informs the antenatal and postnatal course content as ‘being on the ground’ and seeing the reality is what is so important when it comes to preparing parents for birth and beyond.

If you are local to me, check out the group courses running in the area here:


Milton Keynes

Teacher Training

In 2021 I made the decision to invite other teachers into The Mindful Birth Group®, mainly because people were asking me how they could join! I was also finding I could not meet the demand of the enquiries I was receiving. The rest is history and we now have teachers all over the country, teaching our trusted 5* rated course syllabus as independent business owners. We support them with marketing their business’ and being a part of the incredible supportive teacher team too.

My training & credentials:

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