Guardian Article: Huge delays on maternal mental health care

Today the Guardian reports what we already suspected, thousands of expectant and new parents are being denied mental health support during pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery in England due to staff shortages.

This is the reason The Mindful Birth Group® do what we do.

Today The Guardian reported “Almost 20,000 women a year living with mental health problems triggered by being pregnant or giving birth are being denied support by the NHS, the Guardian can reveal.

Furthermore, those who do receive mental health help for their trauma are having to wait up to 19 months to start treatment in some parts of England because specialist services are so overstretched.”


As we post this we have already written to, spoken to, tagged countless people with influence in this area of the NHS to offer our support to ensure EVERYONE in the UK gets the support they need and deserve during pregnancy and postnatal recovery. But we seem to be trying in vain and this report only highlights what we are finding ourselves.

If you are currently expecting a baby, please take your education and support into your own hands.

“Staff are working absolutely flat-out but can’t deliver the amount of care they should be delivering. So they are having to make clinical decisions about who gets priority. No one is saying ‘don’t see this woman’. They just don’t have the capacity to do it.

It is rationing of care at a clinical level because there just isn’t the capacity to deliver that care, largely because there aren’t enough staff.”

Our PregnaHub® support platform is here to provide you with support every step of the way, and our Mindful Natal® course teachers can give you the personalised support you deserve.

Read the full article here. 

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