Times Radio Interview – NHS maternity crisis leaves quarter of parents helpless

The Times Radio interviewed our founder, Emiliana Hall, following the distressing report which shared recent experiences of parents using NHS maternity services.

Everyday, our team of professional Mindful Birth course teachers work to prepare parents for birth and postnatal recovery. This includes being open about the current state of the maternity care system and the realities of what to expect. We support parents with understanding how to navigate it and education so that they are not on the back foot and feel supported every step of the way.

We share information in a sensitive but honest way and on a very personal level with each parent.

With this work, we also aim to take the pressure off under-resourced midwives and healthcare professionals by equipping parents with the vital knowledge that they can learn ahead of time, rather than relying on the care system to provide the emotional and practical support which they simply cannot facilitate.

Following the distressing report in The Times, “NHS maternity crisis leaves quarter of women helpless“, The Times Radio’s Kait Borsay interviewed The Mindful Birth Group® founder Emiliana about about the fact that 1 in 4 parents are being left alone during pregnancy and birth, and not being supported in the way they would expect.


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We know that this is not easy to hear and digest so please take time out from the news headlines when you need to. But sadly the system is in crisis and we believe that every expectant parent needs to be prepared and understand how to reduce the chances of experiencing unnecessary anxiety during a very important time in their lives.

Our course packages are here to support you practically and emotionally throughout your pregnancy and through postnatal recovery.

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