Preparing for birth with the NHS

A FREE workshop and checklist to help you to prepare

In the recorded workshop we will give you important tools and information to navigate a stretched NHS maternity system with more confidence and ease.

NHS Midwives themselves are reporting that they are struggling to provide the emotional and practical care that they went into the profession wanting to give due to severe staff shortages.

We have created this workshop and other services to help to take some of the pressure off and to give expectant parents the support they need and deserve at this very important time in their lives.

We’ll teach you how to ‘control the controllables’ and let go of what is out of your control to ease any worries or anxiety.

Finally, we include a printable checklist of all the things you can do to ensure you are prepared for your own birth experience.


Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who is currently pregnant and planning to give birth at home, a birth centre, labour ward or by caesarean birth under the care of an NHS Trust.

It is also recommended that birth partners watch too. It’s important that everyone on your birth team is equipped with these tools and there are some simple exercises included to bring the information to life for your own circumstances.


If you are a maternity professional, (midwife, obstetrician, doula etc.) please share the workshop details with your community.


When should I complete the workshop?

At any time in your pregnancy. It will also help you to navigate your appointments too.


Why is it free?

The current staff shortages are causing an unsustainable strain on both midwives and expectant parents and it is being reported in the media every day. As an antenatal course provider, it is our responsibility to bridge the gap and support both the maternity care system and anyone who is expecting a baby. We do offer paid-for services and it is your choice as to whether you would like to go further with your preparation with us.

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