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A Time of In-Between: Waiting for baby

A post written by our founder, Emiliana, about a very special waiting time!

Emiliana Hall

Mid-December will always make me reflect on my ‘waiting time’ with my second baby, Theo. He was due on 27th December 2017. But, oh, the amount of ‘will he be a Christmas baby?’ or ‘will he be born this year or next year’ conversations I had! (I told everyone his due date was 3rd January… but still, the questions were asked!)

The date your midwife will give you as a due date is at the 40-week point. For some mums, that’s when the pressure can start to mount to share the happy news that baby is finally here. Each day can feel like a bit of a no-mans-land, a bit ‘nothing’.

When you’re in the ‘in between’ time, it’s a good idea to remember that only 3% of babies are born on their due date, and 80% 2 weeks on either side. So, a due date isn’t something we should put too much emphasis on. It’s mainly there to help your care providers set dates for your antenatal appointments.

Something that helped me was to think of it as bonus time. So many babies come before their due date, neither of mine did, and I often think that must have its benefits and considerations (as everything in life does!).

Every extra day is an extra day to be with your bump. An opportunity we’ll never get again in life with our children. When you’re sat there heavy, unable to get comfortable, I know it’s hard to reframe it this way- I was there too. But if you can, it can make all the difference to that waiting time.

If choosing a spontaneous start to labour, then reaffirming ‘My baby will be born when my baby is ready’ can be helpful too – you could write this phrase on a piece of paper and colour it in as a friendly mindfulness activity!

Listening to your body is essential, too – if you feel tired and want to rest, put your feet up and curl up on the sofa at any time of the day! Busy times are ahead, and conserving energy is a good idea. Or, if you’re feeling energetic and light walking is what you feel like doing, then go for it too! 

Sometimes our bodies need to stretch out and feel endorphins from exercise to help labour start. Everyone will feel differently, though – so listen to whatever your body wants during this time.

The key thing to remember is that your body and mind need space to create the necessary hormones to start labour. So if you can retreat into your bubble at home (your safe place) and feel love, calmness and peace- these feelings will go much further than old wives’ tales of hot curries and pineapple cores! That’s a scientific fact too!

So cherish these days of in-between. When you look back in years to come, it will all feel like a flash of a memory.

Theo joined us at 6:10am on New Year’s Eve- so he did have an extra special birthday after all! ☺️


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