LQBTQ+ Inclusivity

We are committed to ensuring that LGBTQ+ parents have equal opportunities to access quality, unbiased antenatal and postnatal education and support. All of our materials and resources reflect this support too.

How we ensure we are inclusive

Our teacher training course includes mandatory reading including AJ Silver’s Supporting Queer Birth.

We work closely with Jacob from Transparent Training Ltd. to ensure that Mindful Birth teachers are trained in trans parent inclusivity and that all of our materials and resources reflect this too.

We are always looking for ways to better support the LGBTQ+ community. If you have any suggestions or would like to talk to us more about this, please email us at hello@themindfulbirthgroup.com.

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The Social Project

As part of the Mindful Birth social project partnership with Transparent Training Ltd, we run free antenatal course sessions every other month on Zoom specifically for trans parents who are unable to access education for financial or logistical reasons.

To sign up for more information on this free course, please email us socialproject@themindfulbirthgroup.com .