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We love our Mindful Birth community, and they love us too! We really appreciate all feedback and will always use it to continue our high level quality support or improve if we need to. If you have become a part of our community through our support packages, please do feel free to review us on the link below too!

S Joyce

I took the abdominal birth course via zoom. Fab course that really prepared me for what was going to happen. I had a really positive birth experience that I put down to taking this course. Highly recommend for those also opting for an abdominal birth/elective c section.

Victoria Baines

I found the sessions to be really interesting and educational, usually my husband hates anything like that but Rhonda was great at making us both feel comfortable and relaxed. I am now planning a homebirth which I'm really excited for and I can honestly say I never even would have considered having a homebirth if it wasn't for Rhonda. I'd highly recommend the course as I learnt so much useful information that has made both me and my husband feel much better prepared for labour


We booked onto the in-person/1-1 antenatal classes with Sally. She has been absolutely incredible from start to finish, well that makes it sound far too final, as we’d love for Sally to be in our lives forever!! We learnt so much from her, really making us feel totally at ease with the third and fourth trimester in particular. She made us feel totally confident with our birth choices and has been such a pillar of support throughout our pregnancy. We can’t wait for her to meet baby when he/she arrives! Thank you so much, Sally x

Olga Simon

I absolutely loved this course! I used it while preparing for the birth of my daughter in May 2016 and then listened to it while pregnant with my son in 2019. They put so much love and care into it so I’m here reviewing it now in 2022 because more women need to know them and get the loving support we all deserve during pregnancy and beyond!

Vicky K

I'm not sure what life will be like once Ive had my baby and no longer have a reason to listen to the Mindful Birth meditations and affirmations. It's become part of life over the last few years, firstly to keep me sane during a harsh IVF process and then once pregnant because its the only company of this type that seemed to cater for abdominal birth plans as much as physiological birth plans. I'm booked in for my birth next Monday and feel mentally prepared knowing that I've all the Mindful Birth tools to my disposal. I've even asked if the surgeon can play the affirmations in theatre. My daughter will be as used to Emiliana's comforting voice as as she is mine and my husbands after all these months of relaxation audios 🤣. Thanks so much to all at Mindful Birth.


As first time parents it was so comforting to have advice and be educated on pregnancy, the birthing process and post-partum, what to expect & dealing with the unexpected. Thank you for comforting us, preparing us & allowing us to ask as many questions as we needed too without feeling silly x

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