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10 ways Mindful Natal® courses are changing the landscape of antenatal education

A positive pregnancy test is a major step in a parenting journey. But then what? Traditional antenatal classes have historically been booked for the later stages of pregnancy, but we believe the support should be available much, much sooner.

Antenatal education has come a long way in recent years, and at the forefront of this transformation is Mindful Natal®. A comprehensive course by The Mindful Birth Group®.

These courses are making a profound impact on expectant parents, offering a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and beyond. As we explore the reasons why Mindful Natal® is changing the landscape of antenatal education, you’ll discover how this innovative program is helping parents embark on their journey to parenthood with confidence and calm.


1. Evidence-Based Approach: Mindful Natal® is firmly grounded in the latest research and evidence-based practices. Expectant parents receive accurate, up-to-date information to make informed decisions about their pregnancy, birthing options, and postnatal journey.


2. Federation of Antenatal Educators Accredited: FEDANT provides a National Register of Antenatal Educators, Breastfeeding Counsellors and Doulas who are all qualified and insured.

Every Antenatal Educator on the National Register has met National Safety Criteria and provided evidence of their qualification/s and insurance. They have also agreed to abide by the FEDANT Code of Ethics which includes a commitment to maintain their skills with continuing professional development.

The Mindful Birth Group® FEDANT registration number is 1012421/235.


3. From Early Pregnancy: Rather than starting on the day that you start a course (typically between 24-28 weeks of pregnancy) booking a Mindful Natal® course gives you immediate access to the PregnaHub®. Otherwise accessed via a £10/month subscription, this platform is included in the course booking and provides weekly pregnancy yoga classes, an Ask the Midwife chat forum, relaxation sessions, a comprehensive e-learning library and much more.


4. Holistic Wellness: These courses go beyond the physical aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. Mindful Natal® recognises that emotional and mental well-being are equally important. Participants gain tools for managing stress, anxiety, and fear through mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Some will recognise these techniques as hypnobirthing, but we take an ‘all births’ approach to the techniques and apply them to all scenarios.


5. Inclusive Philosophy: Mindful Natal® embraces diversity and inclusivity. Regardless of birth preferences, backgrounds, or circumstances, these courses are designed to support all expectant parents on their unique journeys to parenthood.


6. Expert Guidance: Expectant parents are guided by experienced and certified instructors who have a deep understanding of pregnancy, childbirth, and the importance of mindfulness. This expert support ensures that parents receive the highest quality education. You can then communicate with your instructor via WhatsApp right up until baby is born.


7. Empowering Expectant Parents: Trust Pilot reviews for Mindful Natal® courses echo the sentiment that these classes empower parents. One reviewer stated, “Mindful Natal has been a game-changer for me during my pregnancy. I feel confident and calm as I approach labour and birth.” This empowerment is a hallmark of the program.


8. Flexibility and Accessibility: Mindful Natal® courses are designed to fit into busy lives. As well as being available across the country in-person, they are accessible online, allowing parents to learn at their own pace and in the comfort of their own homes.


9. Emotional Resilience: Mindful Natal® equips parents with emotional resilience skills that extend beyond childbirth. These skills can be applied to parenting and life challenges, making it a valuable investment in overall well-being.


10. Community and Support: Trust Pilot reviews for Mindful Natal® courses often mention the sense of community and support that expectant parents find. One review reads, “The Mindful Natal® community made me feel like I was never alone on this journey.” The support network provided is invaluable.

When considering which course provider to book a course with, remember to research their approach, credibility via real life reviews and the level of support you will gain from them.

Mindful Natal® courses are the modern way to prepare for birth, with a trusted, accredited course provider who will be with you every step of the way.

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