Affording Doula Support

Doula's are often looked at as something that only the wealthy can afford, but that's not the case- doulas are for everyone.

Doula’s are often looked at as something that only the wealthy can afford, but that’s not the case- doulas are for everyone. The sooner you book your doula, the longer you have to pay their fee over instalments to make the fee more affordable too.

However, if you cannot afford to pay a fee, then do not assume that means you cannot have a doula to support you. Please consider these options and see if you would be eligible for any of the schemes:

Birmingham based:

Bristol based:

London based:

Black mothers maternity support:

Another way to gain low cost/free support is to reach out to doulas who are newly trained, but who are so passionate about advocacy and supporting women and birthing people. Experience isn’t the main criteria for a good doula- empathy and the drive to advocate and support is. People can go to these links below and simply contact the doulas who are not ‘accredited’ in their area to see if this is something the doula is willing to do in return for a review and feedback for their accreditation:

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