The Mindful Birth Social Project

This project is our way of ensuring Mindful Birth education can be accessed by those who cannot financially or logistically access antenatal education. With the maternity care system on it’s knees, we know we need to do our bit to support vulnerable expectant families.

Antenatal education for everyone

The purpose of this project is to give people the opportunity to attend a Mindful Birth antenatal class who may not be able to financially or logistically access one.

How it works

Our charity partners have access to links which can be shared with expectant parents who they believe would benefit from the free session.

  • A 4 hour Mindful Birth course taught weekly, live on Zoom (Fridays 10-2) with up to 100 spaces
  • Taught by a Mindful Birth teacher who is paid for their time to ensure quality and reliability
  • Free of charge for the expectant parents

Did you know, expectant parents can request paid leave from their employer for antenatal courses:


Are you a charity?

If you are a charity and would like further information on how to get involved, please contact us

If you are an expectant parent, we will be posting a list of charities who are a part of the project and who are able to share the access links to the sessions. Please sign up to our mailing list below to hear more news on this soon.

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