Training for Health Care Professionals

Continuing your professional development with The Mindful Birth Group is so much more than gaining CPD points; although these are available! We support you to support your parent patients in a way that they will remember for life, and not just the birth.

Our HCP vision

We want to support midwives and other pregnancy/birth related HCP’s to incorporate Mindful Birth tools and techniques into their day to day care, and align parent-focused antenatal education with those who are providing their care on the day.

The HCP training course includes ‘the why and how’ of simple but highly effective breathing techniques, the scientific evidence behind positive reinforcement and the mind-body connection, and environmental adaptations to support birthing and postnatal hormone production.

These simple but effective tools can make an incredible difference to a parents’ birthing experience, which in turn, could impact their postnatal recovery and the rest of their lives.

Training Course


The HCP Course

  • Total time to complete: 8-12 hours
  • 4 week window to complete the online self-learning course with weekly 1 hour ‘huddles’ on Zoom
  • Includes access to the Mindful Birth HCP community hosted on Circle
  • CPD points awarded
  • Taken alongside Mindful Birth trainee teachers
  • The opportunity to join TMBG as a member teacher, should the interest arise in the future

The course content

  • The mind-body connection and how it can be supported during this important life stage and beyond
  • What to expect at the later stages of pregnancy, during the birth and after the birth
  • How to navigate the care system and any unexpected turns
  • Tools and techniques which are applicable to all births
  • Informed decision making using evidence-based information
  • Writing birth preferences and choices

Individualising our support

Who are we supporting? Different backgrounds, preferences and paths to parenthood


To ensure you have understood everything you need to begin implementing the tools and techniques you will learn, we include a written assessment which is not a pass/fail, but a basis for discussion if further support is required.

Training investment: £380 + VAT

Steps to training with The Mindful Birth Group

Step 1: Complete registration form below

Step 2: Any questions answered, and you decide if you would like to go ahead with the training

Step 3: Confirmation email with full details and payment link is sent to you, there are also payment plans available. Once payment has been received, you will then added to the online HCP community for ongoing support

Step 4: Training month starts, which is a mix of self learning & weekly virtual ‘huddles’

Step 5: Teacher qualifies via assessment

Step 6: CPD points and certificate awarded

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