Megan Cheyne

Megan is a member of The Mindful Birth Group. Her company is called The Hypnobirth Project and she lives in Coventry with her husband, their children Aiva & Jesse and their fur baby cockapoo, Teddy.

Parents will remember Megan for…

Changing perceptions of what parents ‘think’ hypnobirthing will be like & giving people the confidence that a positive birth experience can and will happen!

When I’m not supporting parents with their Mindful Birth prep I am…

Either cooking, baking or eating! It’s not abnormal for me to eat 5 jam doughnuts consecutively… it’s my guilty pleasure. I’m also an ASOS addict & play netball to work off all the jam doughnuts I consume.

I decided to become a Mindful Birth teacher to share my passion with others, I want everyone to know that positive births are absolutely attainable and every person deserves one.

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