Ealing - Hannah Page
Format: In PersonBirth Preference: Vaginal Birth

Ealing starting 19/08/23

This course is taught by Hannah Page from Bonnie Birthing in Ealing West London. The venue is in the postcode W5 3LJ, with on street parking. Further details given upon booking.


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The course content covers everything you need to have a calm and confident birth experience, however birth happens:


A Calm and Confident Pregnancy and Birth

  • Introduction to the hypnobirthing philosophy
  • Learning how to release fear
  • The power of reframing anxious thoughts
  • The science behind the mind body connection
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • How a body is designed to give birth

Birth Choices

  • Birth place choices
  • Pain relief options / comfort measures
  • Care providers and birth team options
  • Making informed decisions
  • Packing lists and practical preparation tips

Preparing your mind and body for birth

  • The stages of labour – applying hypnobirthing tools and supporting your physiology in all scenarios
  • Creating an oxytocin-friendly environment
  • Induction methods

Welcoming your baby into the world

  • Moving through unexpected turns- Assisted birth & caesarean birth
  • Meeting your baby and the options you have
Bonding with your baby
  • Writing your birth choices and preferences


Included with the course:

  • 8 hours of ‘live’ learning over 1, 2 or 4 sessions
  • A printed course guide
  • Affirmation card pack
  • Relaxation audios
  • Birth preference sheets
  • Extensive online resource library covering all aspects of pregnancy care

Ongoing support:

  • WhatsApp support from your teacher for any questions about your personal pregnancy situation, right up until you meet baby
  • Access to the Parent Hub for up to one year post birth.

We keep the courses small so there is a minimum of 2 families and a maximum 6 families per course – the cost is for 2 people per booking, birth partners are encouraged to join too.


£384 for 2 people

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