Emma Riley, Natalie Bouscarle
Format: In PersonBirth Preference: Vaginal Birth

Berkhamsted Starting 1/6/23

This course is taught by Emma Riley from Ready Prep Birth. The venue is Carmenta Life, Berkhamsted HP4 2AX. You can park on the street or Tesco carpark for free in the evenings.


Course Schedule

Session 1

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Session 2

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Session 3

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Session 4

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The course includes:

  • 9.5 hours of ‘live’ learning
  • A printed Mindful Birth course guide
  • Affirmation card pack
  • Relaxation audios
  • Birth preference sheets
  • Extensive online resource library covering all aspects of pregnancy care

Ongoing support:

  • WhatsApp support from your teacher for any questions about your personal pregnancy situation, right up until you meet baby.
  • Weekly pregnancy yoga live on Zoom (and recorded)
  • Monthly relaxation sessions live on Zoom (and recorded)
  • Ask the midwife chat group

e-Learning zone with on-demand videos covering:

  • Newborn feeding (colostrum harvesting, breast, bottle and pumping)
  • Baby sleep
  • Baby first aid
  • Introducing baby to siblings
  • Introducing baby to pets
  • Carriers and slings
  • Bringing baby home- what you need to know / prepare
  • Bonding with baby
  • Parent mental health
  • Weaning
  • Choosing childcare

We keep the courses small so there is a minimum of 2 families and a maximum 6 families per course – the cost is for 2 people per booking, birth partners are encouraged to join too.



The course covers everything you need to have a calm and confident birth experience, however birth happens:

Taking out the unknowns and using Mindful Birth hypnobirthing:

  • The science behind the mind body connection and the hormones and muscles of birth
  • What you can control vs what you can’t control and how to overcome feelings of anxiety
  • Learn how to stay calm and in control for all births using mindfulness and hypnobirthing tools and techniques
  • The stages of labour
  • Optimising your birth space
  • What to pack in your birth bag

Your options:

  • Birth place options
  • Your birth team including your birth partner/s and care team options
  • Comfort measures and medicated pain relief options
  • Induction methods and what your options are
  • Assisted birth including forceps, ventouse, episiotomy
  • Unplanned caesarean abdominal birth
  • Navigating unexpected turns
  • Making informed decisions about your birth
  • Writing birth preferences for all scenarios

Postnatal recovery

  • What to expect and how to prepare
  • How others can support you

£384 for 2 people

Looking to compare cost and content across different providers? See the comparison tables here.


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