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About the app

Created by award-winning antenatal, hypnobirthing and postnatal course provider, The Mindful Birth Group®, the My Mindful Midwife® app has also won a Made for Mums award for the best pregnancy/birth product category.

Made for Mums said: With all the planning and organising that goes into welcoming a new family member, our testers found the My Mindful Midwife app extremely useful, supportive & versatile. “You can put everything into the app unlike others. I was able to put hospital numbers and midwife contact numbers on and have it with me at all times rather than carrying round my notes,” noted tester Danielle. The app is fully inclusive to all birth preferences and paths to parenthood – users can even switch birth preferences at any time – extremely helpful if you’re still deciding or your circumstances change.

In the words of tester Katy, who was pregnant: “I’m all for any way of promoting positive mental well-being particularly in pregnancy and labour. This app provides great additional support and I would recommend it to friends.”

It is the only pregnancy app that allows you to choose your birth preference (vaginal or abdominal birth) and see information tailored to your preference and due time. If you change your mind at any time during your pregnancy, simply switch your preference on your profile page.

The unique mindful design will help you stay present in each week as you grow your baby and look forward to meeting them with this fully customisable app. All births and paths to pregnancy are supported through the inclusive features, design and language used.


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The features:


Weekly updates

Customise your weekly updates with your baby’s nickname. Connect with your pregnancy and baby by finding out a little bit about what’s happening with them and you:

  • Key information and milestones about your baby’s and your body’s development
  • See what size your baby is in relation to our beautifully drawn sketches
  • Positive affirmations to support your mindset along the way

Mindful relaxation audios

Tailored to your birth preference, these positive affirmations and relaxation audios have been created by The Mindful Birth Group® to relieve any anxieties you may have around pregnancy and birth:

  • Our positive affirmations are proven to help the brain to reframe birth in a positive way, and therefore promotes relaxation and calm however you meet your baby
  • Listen to our deep relaxation audio during pregnancy before you go to sleep, and then during the birth (if you feel like it at the time) to help your mind and body relax
  • One for the birth partners to calm any nerves as it’s important that they feel confident, calm and in control too

Birth bag packing lists – editable and tailored to your birth preference

We’ve got you covered with our hypnobirthing friendly lists:

  • A list for you, including the oxytocin supporting items
  • A list for birth partners
  • A list for baby
  • Space for your own list of other ‘to do’s’

Contact list

  • A helpful space for you to store all of your pregnancy and birth related contacts

What to expect on the birth-day

Knowledge is power. These informational audios will help to answer many questions you have about early labour or abdominal birth and ensure you feel much calmer and in control (letting oxytocin in and keeping adrenaline at bay).

  • If you are planning a vaginal birth you will learn what the early signs of labour are and what to do when they happen
  • If you are planning an abdominal birth, we will guide you through what happens right from the moment you arrive at hospital on the day, to meeting your baby

Mindful wave (contraction) timer 

  • Track your waves (contractions) on a hypnobirthing friendly timer
  • Choose to upload your own personal oxytocin-friendly background picture or use our calming wave animation to support you through your waves
  • Share the log with your health care provider and understand when active labour is starting


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If you have any questions or feedback about the app, please send us an email at