Breastfeeding Support

Many parents ask us, “How do the courses support me with breastfeeding”?

Mindful Birth course packages support all methods of feeding. Here is how we can support you in your breastfeeding journey every step of the way.

We support you on your breastfeeding journey in 3 key ways:

On-demand videos & resource library

You can access on-demand videos on the Mindful Birth educational hub with Katheryn Stagg IBCLC both during your pregnancy to learn ahead of time, and once your baby is born too. Kathryn has over 13 years of experience supporting parents to breastfeed their babies.

The series of 15 videos cover:

  • How the body prepares for breastfeeding
  • Colostrum harvesting
  • Benefits of breastfeeding for parent and baby
  • Establishing breastfeeding
  • Understadning breastmilk
  • Changes in breastmilk composition
  • Milk coming in
  • Supply & demand
  • Feeding cues
  • Feeding positions
  • Latching
  • Potential breastfeeding challenges
  • Expressing
  • Pumps
  • Paced bottle feeding


1:1 support with a postnatal doula

We really believe in live 1:1 support being key for a breastfeeding journey and so include a 1 hour session on Zoom with a professional postnatal doula which we recommend booking in the early days post-birth so that you can ask any questions about breastfeeding when you actually have your baby with you.

Mindful Birth teacher local knowledge

As with many areas you may need support with, your local teacher will be able to  share local recommendations of free and private support in the form of support groups or lactation consultants.

You can book your group or private  Mindful Birth course package with us today, to start gaining the benefits of our unique support.


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