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The Mindful Birth Group

The Audio Course

The Audio Course £25

For parents who want to learn how to relax for pregnancy & birth in a short space of time


This is a brilliant option for parents who want to learn the main hypnobirthing techniques in a short space of time.

It’s super affordable (£25) and includes a 1-hour audio course plus a whole pack of relaxation materials to support you on your positive birth journey.

It’s simple and to the point, and gives you tools for life, not just birth. The magic of hypnobirthing happens when you practice what you’ve learned.

Also included in all TMBG courses is a brilliant Pregnancy Trimester guide by The Modern Midwife and a Baby feeding guide by Little Peach London

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The Mindful Birth Group® audio course is given to you in 4 sections:


Part 1.

Preparing for a positive birth Experience

Using hypnobirthing & mindfulness techniques to overcome fear and prepare for a positive birth experience


Part 2.

A positive birth Experience

Learn to use hypnobirthing techniques to experience birth in the most positive way, wherever and whenever it may be


Part 3.

After the birth

Understand your choices when it comes to yours & your baby's aftercare so you can be clear what you would like to happen on the day.


Part 4.

Birth Preferences

Now you have completed the course, you are ready to write your birth choices and preferences. If you would like a personalised coaching session, you can purchase a 1 hour 1:1 video call with a certified hypnobirthing teacher to help you to write your birth choices and preferences and ask anything else you would like to know about in order to create your own personal positive birth experience. Click here to purchase