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Hello! I’m Emiliana

I’m the founder of The Mindful Birth Group®, mama to Mollie and Theo and married to my very patient husband James! We’re an adventure-loving family and travel is one of our favourite things to do together. So much so that we recently had a van converted into a campervan to make seeing the world that bit easier. Since then the world has been our oyster, and we take each and every chance we can to travel around the UK and Europe, keeping our base in Hertfordshire for a bit of normality too! I’ve started teaching parents all around Europe when we are on trips, so I feel very fortunate to be able to mix my passions together.

My journey with hypnobirthing started with the yesmum® and The Calm Birth School when I had my two babies. I'm now a certified Katherine Graves's hypnobirthing teacher and a Yesmum® birth project affiliate teacher. From my personal experiences and professional training, I know exactly what it takes to help you on your hypnobirthing journey too.

So, why did I start The Mindful Birth Group?

Well, before having my two babies, I would go as far as saying the thought of giving birth terrified me. So naturally, when I found out I was pregnant with Mollie, I was pretty darn scared. This was a classic case of taking what I had seen on the TV and believing it to be gospel. Well, IT ISN'T! And I can 110% confirm that.

While casually researching pregnancy, labour and NCT groups, I just happened to stumble across the mystical world of hypnobirthing. That's how it all started, I hadn't heard of it before and, hey, it sounded good… but was it really worth the energy?

It wasn't until about two months before Mollie was due to arrive when sheer panic kicked in, and I signed up to an online hypnobirthing course as the few local one-to-one courses were either fully booked up or just way too expensive. We had just maxed out our credit cards on all the baby equipment, so the chance of convincing James to drop another few hundred pounds on an 'airy fairy' course I'd read about was pretty slim.

Luckily, the online course was an amazing alternative for James and I to follow together, from the comfort of our bed each evening. Looking back now, I am incredibly thankful to have found that online course, because let me tell you, I am certain when I say my birthing stories wouldn't have been so positive without it. Hypnobirthing techniques are what made my birthing experiences the positive memories they were, and I have no doubt about that. They helped me make informed decisions and trust what my body was made to do. Any fear I had held onto from all of those terrible films just disappeared.

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Speaking to many parents during and after both of my pregnancies, I quickly realised that new mothers could be preparing for the birth of their little ones more than they thought. I found that time, money and even just knowing about hypnobirthing courses are the biggest barriers to doing any self-preparation. Just like I did, many had already spent shed loads of money on baby equipment and NCT classes. Others simply didn't have the time because of work, already having children to care for, or they just didn't know about it!

The Mindful Birth Group® was created as a reliable and inclusive platform for parents to choose a hypnobirthing course that suits them best, both financially and logistically. I want to give you the opportunity to prepare yourself for the positive birth you deserve!