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Effie Rae

Effie Rae’s Home Birth

Esta & Ryan planned to have a home birth, but hadn’t planned on Ryan delivering their baby girl! Their story is being shared with permission.

I’m so glad I chose to use hypno birthing and so glad I found Emiliana who guided us through the course and helped prepare us for our birth. We started sessions at around 24 weeks and I made sure I religiously listened to my MP3s that were provided from the beginning. I 100% recommend 1-2-1 sessions, my birth would have been a lot different and a much scarier and stressful experience if we hadn’t!! I had so much support throughout pregnancy and after birth - it’s been a dream.

Our story - Effie Rae Cooke - 8/2/2019

7th Feb: I’d been having surges from around 5am nothing too intense so I carried on about my day doing things that made me happy (getting the endorphins and oxytocin flowing) - walking the dog, cooking and at the time cleaning! 
My partner wasn’t convinced it was the real thing as I was dealing with the surges well using the breathing techniques I’d been practicing with Emiliana.

At 7:30pm my waters broke & we had a planned home birth I had to go to hospital to be scanned and check the baby wasn’t breach.
When we arrived at the hospital my surges were coming every 3 minutes and lasting around 45 seconds, the fire alarm was going off and everything felt very hectic, I continued using my breathing techniques and visualisation to help me through it and keep me calm.
The midwives did their checks, baby wasn’t breach and I was told to go home, have a bath and watch a film, which seemed crazy to me as my surges were very intense and very close together by the time we left the hospital.

We finally made it home around 10pm where my mum and best friend had got the room ready for us. Tea lights, led candles, fairy lights, essential oils, playlist on repeat and positive affirmations up.

11:30pm Surges were coming thick and fast and partner carried on with soft touch massage & I had the overwhelming urge to bear down, my partner called the midwife a couple of times but as it was my first time they believed it would be a lot longer and didn’t want to join us too early.

Long story short I trusted the process, stayed relaxed, calm and in our zone and using the breathing techniques we managed to deliver our beautiful baby girl at 12:19am on 8th Feb with NO pain relief and NO medical assistance all well and fine, other than a little shock!!  Gutted we didn’t get the water birth we wanted but we didn’t have time to put up the pool!

Thanks again Emiliana xx