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3 Step Trauma Rewind

3 Step Trauma Rewind


3 Step Rewind - Undoing the patterns created by  previous trauma

When someone has experienced trauma (whether during a specific event or on an ongoing basis) the flashbacks and emotions can be extremely exhausting and distressing. Trauma can affect how you feel about your upcoming birth whether your previous trauma was birth related or completely unrelated to birth, and all scenarios can be helped with this process.

Sometimes, we hope that these feelings will ease with time. Maybe we’ll just forget about them. The reality is that the mind is extremely powerful and it works hard to keep us safe from future trauma. It does this by  recording these events and keeps us ‘safe’ with the triggered reactions- warning is not to go near the familiar sights, sounds or smells, and sending our adrenaline into overdrive to run away from the ‘danger’. 

It triggers our fight or flight response, and this could be caused by something as simple as hearing a name we associate with our trauma or smelling a scent that was there at the time. 

The important thing to remember is that trauma is subjective. No one will ever experience the same event in the same way as another. Our emotional and mental make-up will cause us to react in a unique way and it is important to have empathy with ourselves or those around us who have experienced trauma of any kind.

 The 3 step rewind process can help to rewrite those neurological signals that have been created to keep us ‘safe’ but that can actually stop us from living a fulfilled and enriched life because of the fear and anxious state we find ourselves in.

The process involves 3 stages:

  1. Talking through your story (but only if you would like to, this isn’t necessary), and thinking about the emotional changes you would like to experience once the feelings of trauma have been released

  2. Allowing yourself to move into deep relaxation and replaying the event/time in your own head quietly, whilst feeling safe and secure 

  3. Focusing on how you would respond to the same event differently in the future

How it works:
The 3 Step Rewind takes place over 3 x (approx) 1 hour sessions. Some sessions may require more or less time than 1 hour but we will always go at your pace. It can be done face to face or over FaceTime/Skype. Occasionally the process needs to be repeated but in the majority of cases people report a significant diminishing or complete eradication of symptoms and heavy feelings.

If talking about the traumatic birth experience makes you feel uncomfortable there is no need the share what happened to you. You will need to remember it yourself but you can do this without re-telling the detailed story to me.

You can undergo this process at any time- it could be months or years after the traumatic event. It will still be just as effective.

If you would like to discuss the process further or book your sessions with me, please email me on

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